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Welcome to
Lewis’ Continental Kitchen's website.


Lewis' Continental Kitchen is a Sydney-based family business which has been providing family-oriented, Kosher cuisine since the 1970's. Lewis' offers you hassle-free solutions for all your Kosher meal and catering needs.


From simple family meals to group events, festivals, plus holiday or hospital requirements, we can provide you with all the benefits of Kosher food - without the hassles of preparing it yourself.

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Catering by occasion


Family and Friends Lewis' would love to supply you with fresh and healthy Kosher meals to share with family and friends at home. Call us now to order a delicious menu that customised to suit your personal requirements.


Birthdays and Ceremonies Lewis' is renowned for their delicious Kosher chocolate cakes! Why not order one for your next celebration? We also make children's cakes for delivery to kindergartens and schools.


Festivals and Special Events Shabbat dinners, weddings, births, Jewish holidays and celebrations. No matter what your upcoming event, we will help you create innovative and appetising menus designed especially for the occasion.


Calendar of Holidays and FestivalsOur calendar has helpful information about Jewish holidays and important festival dates, plus trading hours during these periods.

order online

Order Online Now for Kosher Meals and Special Occasions

Special Kosher meals can be delivered to your hotel or home

order online

We can deliver special Kosher meals to your hotel or home. For special requests, you may also email us via our contact page

Lewis' Continental Kitchen:
From Entree to Dessert, we have it all!

Tel: (+612) 9365 5421 - Fax: (+612) 9300 0037